Physical Therapy

Physical TherapyOur mission is to help patients meet their health care goals and gain better quality of life with one on one orthopedic physical therapy sessions.

We provide physical therapy rehabilitation for many different conditions such as:

            Post Surgical Rehab  for Spine & Joint            Balance and Fall Prevention                       Sports Injuries

            Spine & Joint Injuries                                                 Neck & Back Decompression                     Auto Accident Injuries   

            Strengthening and Endurance                             Parkinson’s or Stroke Rehab                      Work Related Injuries

                                                  Types of therapy include:

                                                             Therapeutic Exercise                                                Spinal Traction                                                     Gait Training         

                                                             Neuromuscular Re-education                            Manual Therapy                                                  Joint Mobilization

Nate Possert PT, DPT is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and obtained his doctorate in physical therapy at the University of South Florida where he also received his Bachelors in Athletic Training. With over 11 years of training and experience in the hospital setting, outpatient clinic, and home health care fields he is an excellent clinician. He is skilled at evaluating and developing treatment plans that include one on one sessions working through various programs of stretching, strengthening, and manual therapy.

Programs are tailored specifically to the individual patient and customized along the way to improve the level of progression during treatment. Dr. Nate works with each patient individually to help attain their maximum results or healthcare goals. Even if you have had a joint replacement, laminectomy, discectomy, or fusion you will find our therapist skilled in the treatment necessary for your rehabilitation. 

Here at Robinson Chiropractic & Physical Therapy we enjoy helping patients overcome injuries or the use of walking devices and learn the skills they need to keep moving forward.

We accept most insurance, self pay programs, workers compensation, automobile/motorcycle insurance claims, and slip and fall claims. If you have a question regarding physical therapy please call us.  REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT

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